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Leading edge technology - Made in Germany

The secret of our technological superiority lies first and foremost in a simple, inexpensive modular concept for constructing our labelers. By using individual components we can tailor solutions to your specific requirements.

You get the highest quality performance when it comes to identifying and pricing your merchandise. The resulting prints are clear and handling is simple and easy on the user – just what you’d expect from a “Made in Germany” product.

Contact Product

Users are guaranteed a quality product engineered for high productivity and a long life; regardless wich model they choose.

Contact Product

Contact Product

Product features:

  • Solid, durable single-cast plastic housing
  • Fast and easy drop-in label loading
  • Lightweight ergonomic design minimising hand fatigue
  • Self-correcting label-feeding mechanism
  • Virtually jam-proof
  • Single or double line print head (up to 14 characters per line) for individual labelling requirements
  • Long-lasting ink roll for consistent print quality (approx. 40 - 50,000 prints), easy replacement
  • Optional cliché-slide to print additional information

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